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  Environmental Pollution

  the problem of pollution, cause, artificial substances, release, waste products, industrial production, consumption of goods, bring it under control, agriculture, chemicalsubstancea.

  Environmental Pollution

  I read a piece of news recently. It says that in Japan marly businessmen ave selling fresh air to customers.and now it is becoming more and more popular. Why? --Fresh air is getting less and less in Japan, and so is it in the U. S. A.

  In fact, environmental pollution is a very serious problem the whole world is facing.

  it is mainly caused by the waste products released from artificial substances, industrial

  production and increased consumption of goods. Bedsides, the use of chemical substances

  in agriculture also causes environmental pollution.Look at the sky, you can see that dense smoke is being released from the high and big chimneys; those dirty and poisonous substances are flowing into the rivers that we use for drinking water and millions of tons of waste products are heaping around us.

  How to change this condition? More and more countries are trying to work out some effective means to bring it under control, but no great success has been made.


  最近我读了一则消息说在日本,许多商人向顾客出售新鲜空气,现在这种情况越演越烈。为什么呢? 因为在日本新鲜空气越来越少,在美国也是如此。

  事实上,环境污染是整个世界正在面临的一个严重问题。这主要是由于人造物质,工业生产过程中所产生的废料以及消费商品的增长造成的。另外,在农业中使用化学物品也造成了环境污染。看看天空,你可以看到浓烟从高大的烟囱中释放出来,这些脏而有毒的物质流入我们赖以饮水的河流,数百万吨废物正堆积在我们周围。 中国大学排名


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