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  good morning,ladies and gentlemen. i am tracy from guangzhou huamei international school. i am a shiny girl. my family love me and i love then too. do you know how help at home? let me tell you about that.

  my mom works very hard every day. she comes home very late in the evening. usually my dad cooks for us. sometimes i help my dad to wash the vegetables. sometimes i set the table. i always wash the dishes when we finish eating. after i finish my homework i often water the flowers. i also look after my pet fish. i feed the fish before i go to bed.

  i really enjoy helping my partents at home. do you think i an a helpful girl? i think so!

  thank you!


  hello! my name is 'm ten. i study in wz children arts school. i'm in class one grade four .

  welcome to our classroomthis is my classroom. there is a sign on the door. it says: welcome to our classroom!

  there are many is my name is on it.

  this is my teacher’s desk. there are many interesting things.

  there is a fish bowl on the name is name is swimmy.

  there is a large blackboard on the front teacher writes our homework on it.

  there is a birthday chart on the back teacher puts our names and birthdays on it.

  there is a round clock above the tells us what time it is.

  there are our drawings on the side is is jenny’s.

  there is a reading couch in the is my favorite place.


  hi, everyone! my name is xxx. today my topic is: “i love english”.

  english is now used everywhere in the world, it has become the most important language on internet. learning english makse me confident and brings me great pleasure.

  when i was eight , my father sent me to an english school. at there, i played games and sang english song with other children. then i discovered the beauty of the language, and began my colorful dream in the english world.

  every day, i read english following the tapes. sometimes, i like watching english movies for children, such as finding nemo, harry potter and so on. these movies not only improved my english, but also gave me a lot of fun. outlook english also help me a lot in my english studies, i have been watching this program for nearly two years.

  i hope i can travel around the world someday. i want to go to america, because america is one of the most developed countries in the world. i also want to go to england, because english originated in england.

  i love english, english has become part of my life. do you like english, my friends? if you do, come with me. let’s enjoy the fun of learning english built in a day.”

  that’s all, thank you!

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