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  In 1999 , I was born, Unluckily, I got the very serious pneumonia and suffered a lot. My mother said: ‘until now she still remembers my smiling face with tears on it. She told me that when I grow up, I should be a strong-minded and optimistic girl. During the ten years, I have been experiencing a lot with my country…

  In 20xx, China No. 5 spaceship was successfully launched发射 into space! In Yangliwei’s hometown, we took a photo. You can see on my T-shirt, it is written ‘What is love?’ at that time, I didn’t quite understand the sentence, but with the time passing, I begin to know its meaning.

  In 20xx, I went to the primary school, since then I started a very important step in my life. In 20xx, I worked hard and got my first certificate —Cambridge English level 1 with the score of 14 shields.

  Following that it was 20xx, there were a great number of things in this year. First, the Olympic Games were successfully held in our country. Second, I got the first prize in Hainxin Cup competition. But there was a bad thing--the earthquake in Wenchuan, in the disaster, we felt our country’s love.

  Now it is 20xx, I’m growing up with country, little by little I understand what love is—love is to help other people and help myself!



  20xx年我国第一艘载人飞船“神舟”五号发射成功!爸爸妈妈带着我来到航天英雄杨立伟的故乡——绥中拍了照片。我的T恤上写着What is love ?当时我还不太明白这句话的意思,随着时间的流逝我越来越懂得这句话的含义……





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