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  Everyone wants to know their future, but nobody knows it. I hope my future will like that. I think I will be an excellent lawyer in the future. I help many people who is in difficulty. I will help the people are in need, no matter they are rich or poor. Then I think I will have a good reputation among the society. In order to have a good body, I will do some exercise every week. My family will be proud of me and always stand behind me. I will work hard to reach my future. Ok, this is the future in my dream. What’ yours?



  As we all know, the environment around us is getting worse and worse. In some places we can't see fish swimming in the river or trees on the hills. Bird there is less and less fresh water in the world.Some people even have no clean water to drink. So I think we must do something to protect the environment. But what can we do? How to protect our environment? For example, we can go to school on foot or by bike instead of taking a car. We had better use shopping basketbets instead of plastic bags when we go shopping. We should use both sides of the paper when we write. Do't use paper cups. At our school dinning room, use our own bowls and chopsticks instead of disposable ones. We can reuse the water and save the electricity.In a word, if everyone pays more attention to ourenvironment, there will be less pollution and our life will be better.

  "There is only one earth", I hope everyone will protect our environment well.


  The leaves circled in the air and were written with a grateful movement, which was the tree's thanks to the nourishment of the earth; the white clouds drifted in the blue sky and painted the picture of the sky, which was the blue sky Thanksgiving. Because Thanksgiving will have this colorful society, because Thanksgiving will have sincere friendship. Because thanksgiving let us know the true meaning of life - inscription

  From the baby's "wah-wah" to fall to nurture him grow up, parents spent a lot of effort and sweat, weaving the number of day and night; from primary school to junior high school, and even the number of teachers for his painstaking efforts , Quietly dedicated light and heat, burning their own, lit up others.

  Thanksgiving is from the heart. As the saying goes, "dripping of grace, when the Yongquan phase reported." Moreover, parents, relatives and friends to pay you not only "a drop of water", but a vast ocean. Whether you handed a cup of warm tea after your parents were tired, handed a card on their birthday, and greeted and comforted them when they were lost. They often poured hard and energy for us, and why did we remember them Of the birthday, to experience their tired, and whether it is aware of the strands of silver, that trace of wrinkles. Thanksgiving need your heart to experience, to repay.

  Thanksgiving is respectful. Marie Curie as a famous scientist, twice won the Nobel Prize, but she saw her primary school teacher at the meeting, with a bouquet of flowers to express her gratitude; great Mao Zedong also sent to the teacher in the holiday season Deeply grateful. Since ancient times the great man all have a grateful heart, grateful do not need to earth-shattering, just need your greeting, a call, a trace of emotion.

  Thanksgiving is meaningful. Love to keep the world spinning. Parents pay far more than the mountains, than the sea deep, and as we only know rice to mouth, clothing to reach out. And it seems that there is a separate zone, let us become selfish, forget the parents have to pay, forget that the sound of happiness, learn to appreciate others is their own conscience, a filial piety, because it will have Harmony, there is happiness, there is respect between each other.

  With a grateful heart, to look at the community, look at their parents, look at friends and relatives, you will find yourself how happy, let go of your mind, so start falling rain to wash your mind pollution. Learn to be grateful because it will make the world a better place and make life more fulfilling.









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